Scorpions have a reputation for being dangerous and aggressive towards humans, but this is not true. The majority of scorpions prefer to remain hidden and are often timid. They sting when threatened, but they don’t go out looking for humans. However, because scorpion stings are painful and can create health concerns in persons with allergies to stinging pests, delicate immune systems, or cardiac problems, effective scorpion management and removal should be performed by skilled specialists.

If you’re trying to catch them yourself, you’ll find them in shady sections of your garden or garage and messy spots inside your home as they’re nocturnal species. They can be found hiding in microscopic cracks and crevices, under woodpiles or rock piles, and even in your shoes. Some scorpions, such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion, like to nest upside down, so you can find them hooked to the underside of your outdoor furniture.

However, these creatures are incredibly tough and difficult to kill. They can survive for months without water or food after making their way indoors. So, if you suspect your home is infested with scorpions, it’s best to contact us rather than try to solve the situation yourself.

GoodFellas scorpion control experts are trained to identify scorpions hiding in your house or office and know how to remove them successfully.