Rodents can transmit diseases to humans through contact with their excrement, saliva, urine, bodies, or biting. They also carry disease indirectly from insects that feed on them.

Mice and rats will devour whatever they can get their hands on. They chew wiring and wood to sharpen their teeth or build nests, which can also cause a fire at your home, workplace, or vehicle.

In most cases, you might not see a mouse running around. Still, you may notice clues such as droppings along baseboards, in boxes, or near food storage or preparation areas. You might see food packaging damage or hear them moving about. Thus, if you find any of these signs and suspect a rodent residing in your space, call us right away.

We’ll send a team as soon as possible to do a complete investigation of your home. We’ll discover all of the locations where rodents may enter, nest, and travel through your property, and strategize a tailored plan according to your specific needs and the degree of the infestation.

Because each customer’s requirements are unique, we provide you with two options: a rodenticide in bait form or snap traps that are safer for children and pets. We strategically put traps or bait throughout your home, then return to empty and relocate traps at regular intervals until your problem is resolved.