You’re undoubtedly surrounded by flies all of the time, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. On occasions like picnics and family reunions, they are regular pests, buzzing over the food, landing on dishes, and hanging around the trash. Flies are fascinating creatures, but understanding what they can accomplish and how they behave is critical to understanding why fly control is so important. While flies are unattractive and can be a nuisance, there is a more significant issue to consider when it comes to their control: disease.

Fly infections can range from irritating to fatal. An infestation of flies could indicate another issue on your property that is attracting them. Our experts know how to locate the source of the problem, and remove it from its roots.

To get rid of flies, we use an integrated pest management technique. While we have strategies and treatments that will eliminate the fly infestation, none of them will help if you haven’t addressed the root of the problem.

A pest specialist from GoodFellas Pest Control will investigate the source of the flies on your property. Maybe there’s a rubbish dumpster too close to your house. It’s possible that an animal entered your home and died, providing a breeding site for flesh flies.

We’ll figure out why, then remove the eggs, adults, and breeding sites, as well as seal up any entranceways.

If you believe you have a problem with house flies, call the fly control professionals at GoodFellas Pest Control today.