There are few pests as despised as the cockroach, and for a good cause. They spread disease, cause allergies and asthma episodes, and are extremely difficult to eradicate. If you have cockroaches in your home, you’ll need professional help to get rid of them and prevent them from returning. Cockroach control services from GoodFellas Pest Control offer outstanding protection against cockroaches.

First, one of our licensed pest control professionals will come to your home and do a cockroach inspection. Once done with that, we devise a treatment strategy to eradicate the insect.

We usually employ a two-pronged method to remove roaches. We begin by addressing the active infestation so that the cockroaches are killed in all phases of life, from egg to adult.

The second part of our strategy ensures that cockroaches do not return to your home. For that, we spray a chemical barrier around your property. We also recommend renewing the chemical barrier regularly for continuous cockroach prevention.

GoodFellas Pest Control has a number of cost-effective choices for keeping your house roach-free all year. We take pride in working with you, your schedule, and your specific problem to ensure that you never have to deal with cockroaches again. For further information, please contact us right away.