Do you suspect you have birds in your vents but aren’t sure if you need to get them removed? There are a few easy methods to tell if starlings or other birds have built a nest in your bathroom or dryer vent. The majority of vents are made of metal, and when birds build a nest in them, they create a lot of noise. Look at the vent on the outside of the house if you feel you have a bird problem. Birds’ nests can usually be seen protruding from the vent. You might even see the bird pick up the vent flap and stroll through it.

Why Removing Birds Is Necessary?

Birds may wreak havoc on your facility’s image, reputation, and image. It’s simply the beginning of the unattractive mess they leave behind. Droppings and feathers can spread more than 60 diseases and pollute the air, posing significant health and safety risks.

They might even leave a bad impression on your tenants or visitors, and can cause audits and inspections to fail in specific situations, resulting in shutdowns and revenue loss. Scavenger species can cause problems for outdoor eating and annoy consumers too.

However, expensive repairs and constant cleaning are ineffective in resolving the issue. Exclusionary tactics only serve to reposition your problem, and the costs can be high.

GoodFellas Integrated Bird Management uses a novel and complete approach for capturing, removal, and targeted exclusion tactics to solve your nuisance bird problems. With us, you can rest assured to be at the right place for all your pest problems.