Warm weather is here. With this warm weather scorpions are out and hunting. While everyone needs to be careful, If you have small children or elderly you need to be especially watchful. There are many varieties of scorpions in the metro area and the desert at large. All have painful stings and some are dangerous. One particular variety you have to be especially careful of. It is the bark scorpion. 90% of the time this is the one you will find. It is one of the smaller scorpions, usually not more than an inch or so in length. It can be from light to dark brown in color, varying depending on where it lives, and will be found both outdoors and inside. Dark cool places is where you will normally find them. They especially like palm trees, piles of wood or limbs and other debris, as well as inside in air-conditioning. This little guy likes to climb. Walls and ceilings are no problem. You will find them usually under pieces of wood and other debris outside, in dark cool places inside, and even on the ceiling or wall near air-conditioning vents. They do like to stay cool. The Bark Scorpion can and does cause a sometimes severe sting reaction. The sting can require immediate medical care in the young, elderly, and health compromised.

As the city has grown, we have moved more and more into their habitat and now we have them living with us. At GoodFellas Pest Control we are very effective at eliminating the scorpion problem and preventing their return. Contact us for more information. As always, our work is guaranteed.


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