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The bad news is that there are several thousand different types or species of cockroaches. The good news is they don’t all live here, and of the ones that do live here in the desert, only a few want in your house. Unfortunately, those that do, create problems. They spread disease, create allergy problems, and create filth. From the visible egg sacks and excrement, to the smells, to the scurrying around when you turn on a light at night or open a cabinet, they are a real pest.

Don’t let them adversely affect your health and your home. Call GoodFellas Pest Control. Using the latest and safest products and techniques we will get rid of them and keep them out. One of the hardest to get rid of is unfortunately one of the most prevalent. So, as soon as you see one you need to call. The longer you wait the harder it is to exterminate them. The sooner the better.

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