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Bees are around us most all the time. Most everyone is aware of the dangers when they are near, and we all know the pain of being stung. The reaction to a bee sting varies from person to person but some people are severely allergic. For those allergic or if you have more then just a few stings, say 10 or 12 they can be life threatening and you will be needing emergency help.

Not only are they hazardous to you but, they also are a danger to your pets, neighbors and even your house. All it takes is a small opening and a swarm can move in. Besides the damage done from the hive itself, there can be damage to remove them.  Complicating things, for the last 15 to 20 years the Africanized bees have relocated here. They are much more aggressive than the European honey bee and are virtually impossible to tell apart by looking. However the Africanized bees  are much more likely to swarm than their European cousins. They are also very aggressive in defending the hive. These guys will migrate for food more than the honey bee and so you are more likely to run into these guys pretty much anytime. Now that it is warm they are active.

So, if you suspect or know you have a bee problem, get yourself, family, and pets to safety and then call GoodFellas Pest control. We will be right out to professionally remove them. With our years of experience we will safely and efficiently remove the bees no matter where they are and where you are in our service area.


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